David E. Hunnicutt

Database Administrator



Mr. Hunnicutt has over nine years of extensive experience in developing database applications, database administration (over eight years) and Data Architecture (three years).  His twenty-three years of MIS experience is composed of both short-term consulting tasks and fulltime positions.  His particular area of expertise is backup and recovery, Disaster Recovery, Standby Server, RAC, and Materialized Views (Snapshots) strategies for Oracle 8i and 9i.



Oracle Products:

Oracle 9i, Oracle 8i, Oracle 8.1.5, Oracle v8.0.6, Oracle v8.0.5, Oracle v7.x, Oracle v6.x, SQL, SQL*PLUS, PL/SQL, SQL*LOADER, Developer 6i, Designer 6i, Designer/2000, Discover/2000,EDMS, Procedure Builder, RMAN, Tool for Oracle Applications Development (TOAD), and Enterprise Manager

Other Database Platforms:

SQL Server, UDB, DB2

Operating Systems:


Programming Languages:

PL/SQL, SQL, Fortran77, COBOL, PL/1, Ada, Pascal, C, Assembler (SIR), SAS


VAX 6610, HP 9000, Dec VAX 8808, Perkin-Elmer, IBM (158, 3033, 3031, 4331), Cray-1, CYBER (6600, 760, 730), Dell 2500/2600

Analysis Tools:

ERwin/ERX 3.0, ERwin/3.5.2,/ERwin/ERX 4.5, COOL:DBA, Rational Rose

Management/Leadership Skills:

Task Leader IFFN, Task Leader Technical User Services,

Data Processing Chief New Mexico Personnel Department




University of New Mexico, 8/75 -- 11/77, all but dissertation to a Ph.D., Mathematical Statistics    

University of Florida, 3/69-6/70, Master of Science, Mathematics   

University of Florida, 1/67 -- 3/69, Bachelor of Science, Mathematics   

Brevard Junior College, 8/64 -- 5/66, Associate of Arts




Independent Contractor: 03/19/ 2003 – Present


Justice Systems, Inc.


This was a six month contract position for Oracle Database Administration on an Oracle 9i Court System database.


Duties include:


1.  Backup and recovery using export/import, RMAN, and full disk images.  Responsible for the design of Recovery Manager, and Oracle Parallel Server fault tolerant architecture. 


  1. Tuning responsibilities include Optimization of database objects in choose mode. 


  1.  Installation of Oracle 9i for Court systems.


  1. Database, table, index, trigger, constraints, role, and user creation and configuration.


  1. PL/SQL, Packages, and Procedure consulting.


  1. Maintain the database model in ERwin.


  1. Backup and recover 8i and 9i databases with stored scripts in RMAN.


  1. Clone Oracle databases using RMAN.


  1. Create and maintain Oracle standby server for failover operation.


  1. Create and maintain Materialized Views (Snapshots) for replication in a data warehouse environment.


Northrup Grumman Mission Systems 11/99 – 03/18/2003


Michigan Child Support Enforcement System (MiCSES):  As a member of the Michigan development team, Mr. Hunnicutt designed and coded front end screens (Oracle forms, Developer 6i) for the 2.4 upgrade for the MiCSES data warehouse. 


Criminal History Information (CHRI) System:  As a member of the Maine CHRI design and development team, Mr. Hunnicutt designed and coded the Backend Procedures.  Specifically, he wrote the conceptual design and detailed design for Backend Procedures.  This included conducting JAD sessions with Maine State Police.  He completed the Oracle Packages and Procedures for this project.  Oracle Designer 6i for design and procedure builder for development are the main tools he used on the CHRI, Oracle 8i database.  This database is designed to track criminal history of individuals from arrest to conviction.  


E*Justice System: Mr. Hunnicutt is one of the DBA team responsible for the installation and support of the EJS system.  These duties include optimization of data loads and imports from a legacy system.  He configured UNIX 11.0 to optimize the EJS, EJSTEST, and EJSDEMO.  He installed Oracle 8i for the EJS databases.  He is responsible for the creation and support of the EJS disaster recovery plan.


ANSWER (Arkansas Networked System for Welfare Eligibility and Reporting):

As the Technical Lead, Mr. Hunnicutt was the responsible DBA for the ANSWER Transfer from EDS development to State deployment.  ANSWER is a graphical user interface (GUI) that serves as a front-end application for the Department of Human Services legacy systems.  It is a warehouse database (DB2) with data marts (UDB).  The system includes powerbuilder interfaces through CICS client and middleware.  Mr. Hunnicutt’s duties included creating and maintaining the Meta Data Dictionary, and database models (both logical and physical) in Erwin and code maintained in Rational Rose.


Mr. Hunnicutt supported the State of Arkansas through two pilot and statewide rollout of the ANSWER system.



Keane Federal Systems, Principal Consultant 3/99—7/99


This was a three-month project for the Office of the States Courts Administrator (OSCA) for the State of Missouri.  The State of Missouri was engaged in a project to convert all of its court legacy systems to an Oracle based banner system.  Mr. Hunnicutt’s task was to analyze the data in the legacy system, map the data to Oracle tables in the banner system, size the tablespaces, tables, and indexes for the data, write scripts, procedures, and functions to transform the legacy data.  The task also included the loading, testing, and delivery of the banner systems to end-users in the court system.


Advanced Resources, Incorporated, Principal Consultant 10/98 – 2/99 


Three month assignment to automate the Norwest Mortgage’s CRM process.  The requirements of this task were to design, code, and test an automation process for CRM. Bourne shell population scripts were written, corresponding to the respective clients.  The scripts are executed when the raw data files are present and complete.  Each of these scripts causes two rows to be inserted into the state table. 


A successful unit test was conducted of the entire sequence. 



Unisys Corporation, Principal Systems Architect, 5/98 – 10/98


Installed Oracle 7.3 instance on the IBM OS/390.  Created and maintained the Federal Financial Accounting and Management Information System (FAMIS 4.0) database for the Defense Information Technology Contracting Organization (DITCO) at Scott Air Force Base.

Duties included:

(1)    Install and upgrade the Oracle Enterprise for FAMIS 4.0.

(2)    Create and maintain the FAMIS 4.0 databases (development, quality Control, and production)

(3)    Create scripts, triggers, and stored procedures in support of database functions.   Provide technical support to Government and other contractor personnel on database access methodologies, programming techniques and application performance and tuning measures.

(4)    Evaluate process models within functional areas to facilitate data model development and data integration.

(5)    Provide centralized change control management of proposed changes to the database.

(6)    Perform data base analysis and support for requirements related to FAMIS 4.0 and associated interfaces. 

(7)    Prepare and document data base utilities/scripts/jcls/procedures/triggers used to support the database.  Some typical uses for these items include, but are not limited to: data loads, data migrations/conversions, adding/deleting users, changing privileges, reporting functions, listing data base attributes, reporting usage, backup and recovery activities.

(8)    Allocate/create/maintain database files with attention to efficiency and performance.  Register data base users while applying proper grants, roles, and quotas.  Setup, document and perform backups/recoveries of data base entities consistent with recovery expectations. 


Oracle Corporation, Principal Consultant, 10/96 – 5/98


Responsible for the WSSC HR/Payroll database system (Oracle Financials), QA, Test and production, at the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission in Laurel, Maryland.


Duties include:

(1)        Regular ORACLE database exports.

(2)        User and device security administration.

(3)        Custom reports

(4)        File and table maintenance.

(5)        Index data and image migration functions.

(6)        High-level troubleshooting

(7)        Creation of QA and Test databases under the same appl_top.

(8)        Performance tuning - both database and application.

(9)        Writing private API’S for report functions.


Government HR Developer


Responsible for the programming, testing, and implementation of Business Rules for inclusion into Oracle’s Government HR project, to be delivered to the Air Force.  This was the worlds largest Human Resource system reengineering effort and included the writing and implementation of position rules.  The delivery of this project required a through working knowledge not only of Oracle’s API procedures, User Hooks, and Flex Field programming, but also PL/SQL, Dynamic PL/SQL, and ARCS procedures.


Database Administrator


Responsible for the JALIS database system, both training and production, at Scott Air Force Base.  Also responsible for backup and recovery procedures for all JALIS database.



Information Spectrum Incorporated, Data Base Administrator, 8/95 - 10/96


Mr. Hunnicutt was responsible for the Joint Engineering Data Management Information and Control System (JEDMICS) for the Naval Inventory Control Point (NavICP) at Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

Basic database administration duties included:

(1) Backups done regularly to ensure protection of system work that has been completed, such as scanned images, or index data in the various database tables.

(2) Regular ORACLE database exports.

(3) Implementation of user and device security administration.

(4) Creating custom reports

(5) File and table maintenance.

(6) Index data and image migration functions.

(7) High-level troubleshooting.

(8) Configure and maintain UNIX kernel.


Computer Science Corporation, Computer Scientist, 3/95 - 8/95


Database Administrator for the MLRS Family of Munitions (MFOM) Test.  Responsible for both the physical and logical design of the test database.  Responsibilities included: Generating ORACLE table spaces, tables, index, and rollback areas, generating queries, views and reports using PLSQL scripts in Version 6 ORACLE.  Created screen input and updating procedures using ACCELL/SQL.   Responsible for both exporting and importing test data sets for OPTEC evaluation contractors.   Used SAS not only for the statistical analysis of data, but also for an alternate interface for updating ORACLE tables proved most cost effective for this test.


Tec-Masters, Inc., Systems Analyst, 5/92 - 2/95


Supported a Directorate of Combat Developments, System Engineering Technical Analysis contract at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma.  Assessed an optimal communications network structure for the Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System (AFATDS).  Validated data from a Network Assessment Model (NAM) from another contractor's modeling efforts.  Conducted simulation runs using  

NAM.  This experience included programming in dBase V, and Command, Control, Communication, and Computer Relational Database Programming (C4RDP).  Involved in ORACLE database programming and statistical analysis on a variety of test, for example:

Advance Field Artillery Tactical Data System (FDTE).

Telos Corporation, BCS Cannon SIR, Software Engineer, 4/90 - 5/92


Software Engineer in the BCS (SIR) group, Fort Sill, Oklahoma.  Here he performed high level design using Yourdon CAD software; develops, tests, integrates, and documents new software for Cannon Version 10.  He also modified and maintained existing software (version 7 through 9). 


This work time period also included programming experience with Ada in a Rational System and MIL-STD 2167A.     


Pentastar Support Services, Field Software Engineer IV, 11/87 - 4/90

Task Leader for the IFFN/JTF project at Kirtland AFB, NM.  Responsibilities included supervision of 8 programmers and 12 computer operators assigned with the task of designing, testing, implementing and analyzing data extracted from real-time simulation programs.  Using a Perkin-Elmer OS/32 operating system, FORTRAN 77, Command substitution System (CSS), Reliance Plus Data Base and BMDP Statistical package; provided programming support for the pretest preparation, real time testing, post-test data reduction, data analysis, and report generation.  Elements of this simulation included: Allied and Warsaw Pact aircraft and Missile, Army patriot fire units, and Hawk Battalions.  Providing operations and government specified production control support to the IFFN/JTF Perkin-Elmer OS/32 operating system, responsibility to assure that PENTASTAR employees met the requirements of the IFFN task order within specified time frames. Met regularly with IFFN personnel to formulate and review task order plans, formally deliver items and ensures compliance with shop standards.  As Task Leader, he assigned, scheduled, and reviewed work of subordinates and as the Lead Technician analyzed, designed, coded and tested FORTRAN77 systems.   

OAO Corporation, ADP Technical Specialist, 11/82 - 12/87


This task has the same job description as above.  OAO lost this GSA contract 

for the IFFN project to PENTASTAR.  The entire staff was re-hired in the same  

positions by PENTASTAR on November 9, 1987.     


Albuquerque Technical, Vocational Institute, Data Processing Instructor, 5/82 - 11/82


Taught COBOL, advanced computer mathematics/statistics, and job control language (JCL) at the junior college level.   


New Mexico State Personnel Office, Assistant Chief Research Systems and Test

Development, 12/79 - 11/82


Managed the State Personnel Office's Data Processing Section. Directed and coordinated long and short-range system planning and production related activities of the State Personnel Office. Directed and controlled programming, systems analysis and data control.  Planned and defined focus and scope of research projects.  Consulted professional staff in meeting their ad hoc programming needs.  Supervised a staff composed of systems analyst, programmers, data control specialists and clerk typists.    




4961 Arroyo Chamisa Road, NE

Albuquerque, New Mexico 87111


Telephone:  (505) 350-8462


Email:  david@hunnicutt.com